Uncover relevant skills from your employees’ daily work by applying AI to the productivity tools that they use every day.


Uncover relevant skills from your employees’ daily work by applying AI to the productivity tools that they use every day.

working where you work

Find skills where your employees work

Every HR department or project management office would love access to the full array of skills available across their respective organizations. Unfortunately, for decades companies have missed the glaring opportunities within their own enterprise systems. Within them lie vast amounts of data that result naturally from the work that employees do on a daily basis. Why not capture that intelligence as a growing source of institutional knowledge?

That’s the idea behind our AI-powered Skills Discovery Engine. We integrate with the productivity tools that your employees use every day to form an ever-growing, evidence-based repository of employee skills.

We can integrate with a variety of skill-rich sources:

  • Project management systems
  • Code repositories
  • Messaging platforms
  • Marketing automation and CRM systems
  • And more upon request

Let the AI go to work 🧠

Encube’s Skills Discovery Engine uses natural language processing and machine learning to continually improve on its ability to find relevant skills in your employees’ daily work. The AI-powered engine will look at a variety of textual and contextual clues to infer the volume, frequency, and recency of an employee’s experience working with and developing skills and competencies.

Enjoy deep talent insights at your fingertips

We update your employees’ skills in the background so that they don’t have to. Cut down on manual entry and incomplete employee skills data.

Encube’s talent profiles are:

  • Evidence-Based: Encube’s natural language processing (NLP) engine reviews task-level project data to continually build an accurate view of someone’s body of work at a company.
  • In-Depth: Encube’s talent profiles allow you to drill down the the specific tasks behind each skill to verify its relevance to a job or project opportunity.
  • Descriptive and Prescriptive: Encube’s talent profiles not only capture skills, but also recommend skill paths to follow for further professional development.
  • Real-Time: Encube’s talent profiles are updated in real time based on daily work logged in project management software or committed to a code repository.


For Talent Management

  • Internal mobility
  • Skill paths for upskilling employees
  • Learning recommendation engine
  • Adjacent skill search for upskilling opportunities
  • Advanced talent analytics

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For Project Management

  • Rapidly build teams with the relevant skills
  • Assign project tasks to the right people
  • Find someone to help with today’s tasks based on experience with similar tasks
  • Find backup resources for critical project roles

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See Encube In Action

Learn how skills data can boost developer productivity and empower managers to make strategic HR and technology decisions.

Encube is a project management solution that uses artificial intelligence, data science, and a proprietary skills ontology to rapidly deploy skills for projects and continually develop skills of growing strategic importance to the company.


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