Resource Allocation Made Easy

Unleash your team’s talent in the most efficient way possible by capturing a better view of your team’s capabilities and leveraging advanced algorithms to assign people to the right roles and tasks based on their availability.

Effortless, unparalleled insights into your project resources

We update your software team members’ skills in the background so that they don’t have to. Cut down on manual entry and incomplete developer skills data.

Encube’s talent profiles are:

  • Evidence-Based: Encube’s natural language processing (NLP) engine reviews task-level project data to continually build an accurate view of someone’s body of work at a company.
  • In-Depth: Encube’s talent profiles allow you to drill down the the specific tasks behind each skill to verify its relevance to a job or project opportunity.
  • Real-Time: Encube’s talent profiles are updated in real time based on daily work logged in project management software, commits to code repositories, public Slack messages, and more.

Task Delegation and Workload Allocation

Poor task delegation and resource planning can result in defective project results. Encube’s AI-powered advanced algorithms help to automate task delegation and allocate resources based on skills and availability to make your projects more efficient and reduce project loss.

Build great teams on the fly

Encube recommends the right resources to fill project roles, connecting you with resources who possess the right skills and experiences for the work at hand. It will also build a full depth chart to show suitable internal backup resources for each role. There’s never been an easier way to build great teams.

Find the right person to help with today’s tasks

Break through blockers by connecting people to team members who can help out with daily tasks. 👋

Ship even faster by finding someone with reusable code for your current sprint.

Assign tasks to the right people based on deep skills insights

With Encube you can capture the “long tail” of skills to give you actionable recommendations regarding the assignment of project roles, or even tasks within a project. Are you stuck on a particular task? You could even find someone to recruit to an ongoing project based on their demonstrated capabilities.

Mitigate project risk with backup resources

Encube shows the best available backup resources for key project roles to help avoid delayed or missed project deliverables. Encube will display employees who are the best fit to the person and to the project role.

See Encube In Action

Learn how you can boost productivity with our task delegation and workload optimization tools.

Encube is a project management solution that uses artificial intelligence, data science, and a proprietary skills ontology to rapidly deploy skills for projects and continually develop skills of growing strategic importance to the company.


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