How It Works

Encube adds useful dimensions to workforce intelligence by running project management software data through an intelligent natural language processing (NLP) engine, which is then compared with more traditional, self-reported data sources like resumes and social profiles to create a more thorough and accurate of view of your employees, their skills, and what they’ve worked on at your company.

It starts with integration

The Encube team loves data integration. (Strange, huh?) We pull data from your project management and productivity software to get a comprehensive and detailed view of what your employees are working on. We can also leverage data from your applicant tracking system (ATS) to help find internal candidates for existing company needs—and for our artificial intelligence engine to improve its understanding of your company’s talent acquisition needs.

We’ve set up a number of native integrations with popular project management systems, agile development tools, and ATSs that you can set up in a matter of minutes or seconds. Or, if you have other data sources in mind, let us know. We’re happy to make Encube work for you!

We help you cut through the complexity of technical fields

Encube has configured its NLP engine to leverage vast libraries of functional and technical skills, which have been organized to draw subtle distinctions between different technologies, technical skills, and key functional areas.

For example, do you need a Java developer for a Linux deployment—and not a Windows deployment? Encube will understand that these are distinct needs and will find you relevant matches for requirements like this.

Our growing libraries go beyond software development as well, and capture meaningful skills in sales and marketing and other key functions within your organization. We can also work with you to develop a specific library that suits your needs with our enterprise plan.

Smart Notifications

We make it easy to boost employee engagement

Smart notifications work with the tools your employees use the most

Encube will leverage email and messaging tools that your employees use on a daily basis to send opportunities for a new project or position—or will send along someone suited to help with a task, someone to mentor, or a learning opportunity in a skill of strategic importance to both the employee and the company.

Ultimately, a successful program will make people more efficient at getting work done and more focused on advancing their careers. This means making it easy for employees to accomplish both. Pushing relevant information to the right people in the right place at the right time is a must.

We make workforce planning and talent acquisition easier

Find the people you need within your organization, or learn more about your needs

With Encube you can:

  • Search for skills within the company, finding matches that fit what might be hyper-specific criteria.
  • See dashboards that show skills across your company, with drill-down capabilities to explore more deeply by skills, location, and across company divisions and departments.
  • Get smart notifications for people, skills, and job opportunities on your watchlists. Encube will also learn about your preferences and begin to automate these alerts, predicting meaningful tasks and things to look out for on your behalf.

Getting Started Is Simple

Import employee data


Encube will pull detailed productivity data from your project management tools to gain valuable employee insights that provide actionable plans to HR, to hiring managers, and to employees. Encube also pulls data from online sources and scans resumes to create dynamic talent profiles for all employees.


Let AI go to work


Encube’s natural language processing engine will analyze productivity data to produce an evidence-based body of knowledge of skills, functional domains, personnel, and projects across your organization. We call it the ResourceGraph, and it gets smarter over time without additional work from your employees.


Leverage valuable insights


Encube allows you to view insights through easy-to-understand dashboards with clickable drill-down capabilities. We recommend the right colleagues to collaborate for today’s challenging project task and support business continuity planning in project management.


Get started today

Encube will help you retain and better utilize software developers by connecting them to great work and learning opportunities at your organization.

Free Trial. No credit card required.

Encube is an internal talent network that builds more accurate talent profiles for your software teams through artificial intelligence applied to self-reported and performance-based data.


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