At Encube we believe in making the actions and effort in your workday as passive as possible free up your time.  By focusing on developing technology that can do a large amount of the administrative and search work, we enable people to do deeper more meaningful work such as problem solving and design.  Project management tools are a wonderful addition to the enterprise but we know that they can do more heavy lifting than they do today.  So we create artificial intelligence that mines the data that is already being created on a daily basis in order to make it even more actionable.  We are excited to be on the forefront of a more efficnent enterprise, and more importantly, a more powerful team.


Raghu Gandra

Prior to founding Encube, Raghu served as a CTO at Symphony Corporation, where he led Symphony’s development teams toward a strong, unified architectural construct, while fostering and communicating the technology vision and roadmap to clients and partners. He specializes in machine learning and enterprise software development.


Justin has spent his entire career developing and launching cool products of both the software and hardware variety. His development experiences have leveraged waterfall and agile methodologies to bring products to life. He has worked in industries that range from industrial life safety to private label retail to fitness equipment.

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