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Build and Manage Better Software Teams

Get more out of your software teams with dynamic, evidence-based talent profiles for your software developers and IT support resources.

Talent Mobility for Software Teams

Search skills across your organization.Send the right opportunity to the right employee.Find backup resources for an important project.Find the right person to help with today’s task.Propel your career without job-hopping.

Get a more meaningful view of tech resources

Encube’s talent profiles are:

  • Evidence-based: Encube’s natural language processing (NLP) engine reviews task-level project data to continually build an accurate view of someone’s body of work at a company.
  • Intent-based: Software team members identify skills that they want to develop more, which provides managers the opportunity to engage and further develop employees.
  • Real-time: Encube’s talent profiles are updated in real time based on daily work logged in project management software.
  • Peer-Reviewed: A team member’s skills are reviewed by colleagues, further validating data pulled from resumes and data feeds from project management and productivity tools.
  • Comprehensive: Talent profiles can pull from a variety of sources including social media, internal HR systems, and employee resumes.

Put talent profiles to use for software projects

Encube facilitates better team building for your projects. Encube recommends the right resources to fill project roles, connecting you with resources who possess the right skills and experiences for the work at hand. It will also build a full depth chart to show suitable internal backup resources for each role. There’s never been an easier way to build great teams.

See the entire tech landscape across your company for enhanced workforce planning

We built Encube to allow technology and HR leaders to comb through people, skills, and technologies across large distributed software teams. Encube gives you a view across technologies, functional areas, projects, and locations within your company—and delivers easy-to-use dashboards with extensive drilldown capabilities. It allows you to quickly identify skill gaps, and will help you determine whether to close those gaps with targeted training, internal mobility programs, or external hiring.

Smart Notifications

Make your team members internally mobile

Encube will automatically send notifications to employees who are a good fit for internal job and project opportunities. Employees will be further engaged in their careers within the company and will take greater ownership of their talent profiles. Team members can also use Encube to request or engage in training opportunities at the intersection of their interests and the company’s strategic direction.

Foster collaboration across software teams

Encube recommends the right experts within your company to help with project tasks, help avoid duplicate effort across teams, and encourage a healthy culture of collaboration and mentorship. It may even connect you with someone who has reusable code for your task at hand.

How It Works

Import employee data


Encube will pull detailed productivity data from your project management tools to gain valuable employee insights that provide actionable plans to HR, to hiring managers, and to employees. Encube also pulls data from online sources and scans resumes to create dynamic talent profiles for all software developers and IT support staff.


Let AI go to work


Encube’s natural language processing engine will analyze productivity data to produce an evidence-based body of knowledge of skills, functional domains, personnel, and projects across your organization. We call it the ResourceGraph, and it gets smarter over time without additional work from your employees.


Leverage valuable insights


Encube allows you to view insights through easy-to-understand dashboards with clickable drill-down capabilities. We recommend the right colleagues to collaborate for today’s challenging project task and support business continuity planning in project management.


“Plays well with others”

Powered by Artificial Intelligence

(and coffee)

Powered by Artificial Intelligence

(and coffee)

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Encube will help you retain and better utilize software developers by connecting them to great work and learning opportunities at your organization.

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Encube is an internal talent network that builds more accurate talent profiles for your software teams through artificial intelligence applied to self-reported and performance-based data.


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