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Improve Internal Talent Mobility with Productivity Data

Resumes are great, but tell only part of the story 🙁
Apply AI to productivity data to connect the right people to the right opportunities based on accurate and actionable real-time talent profiles.

What You Can Do with Encube

Search skills across your organization.Send the right opportunity to the right employee.Find backup resources for an important project.Find the right person to help with today’s task.Propel your career without job-hopping.

Find Internal Talent

Search Skills, See Much More

Search one or multiple skills to find the right person in your organization. Encube will load the most relevant results through an AI-driven process that incorporates resumes, professional profiles across the Web, and project data. Our natural language processing engine will interpret all data to provide a comprehensive, accurate, and actionable talent profile for each of your employees.

Connect People to Opportunities

Instantly Match Employees to Projects and Positions

Boost employee retention by providing internal opportunities tailored to each person’s skillset, and empower people to discover ways to advance their careers without leaving the organization.

Propel Careers

Encourage Strategic Learning and Development

Encube helps employees find new skills to develop, and helps connect them to learning opportunities that will advance their careers in areas that are important to their organizations.

Boost Productivity

Facilitate Collaboration Among Your Workforce

With Encube, employees can find the right team members to help them with their own work. The artificial intelligence engine suggests the right expertise to get your project tasks done more efficiently and avoid duplicate effort across teams. It may even connect you with someone who has the document you’re looking for or reusable code for your task at hand.

Who Benefits

Hiring Managers / Talent Acquisition

Leverage data-driven insights into your internal talent to mobilize your workforce.

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Find the right person to collaborate on a project, or find your next opportunity without having to switch companies.

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Get real-time insights into internal talent for enhanced human resource planning

Encube provides insights into your workforce and enables hiring managers to quickly backfill resources and assign the right expertise to the right opportunities.

Save Time

  • Quickly assess internal talent for workforce planning
  • Identify and leverage key functional and technical knowledge within the company in seconds
  • Discover and retain internal talent for open opportunities
  • Identify skill gaps to quickly fulfill existing and changing business requirements

Save Money

  • Hire more people only when you need to
  • Utilize employee talent properly to minimize attrition risk
  • Improve employee efficiency and avoid duplicate effort across the organization
  • Adapt to project needs dynamically to avoid costly delays and failures

Automate the search for new opportunities and helpful co-workers at your organization

Employees can use Encube to find the right person to collaborate with their own work— or to find their next work opportunity within the company.


Encube recommends the right expertise to employees to get their project tasks done more efficiently and helps avoid duplicate effort across teams.


Employees will be notified when opportunities arise within your organization that is tailored to their skillset.

Pointing You in the Right Direction

Who knows our process for email campaigns?

Encube finds the right person to consult.


Encube finds that expert.


Encube finds the right person to help.

How It Works

Import employee data


Encube will pull detailed productivity data from your project management tools to gain valuable employee insights that provide actionable plans to HR, to hiring managers, and to employees. Encube also pulls data from online sources and scans resumes to create dynamic talent profiles for all employees.


Let AI go to work


Encube’s natural language processing engine will analyze productivity data to produce an evidence-based body of knowledge of skills, functional domains, personnel, and projects across your organization. We call it the ResourceGraph, and it gets smarter over time without additional work from your employees.


Leverage valuable insights


Encube allows you to view insights through easy-to-understand dashboards with clickable drill-down capabilities. We recommend the right colleagues to collaborate for today’s challenging project task and support business continuity planning in project management.


“Plays well with others”

Powered by Artificial Intelligence

(Driven by actual intelligence)

Powered by Artificial Intelligence

(Driven by actual intelligence)

Encube is an internal talent network that builds more accurate talent profiles through artificial intelligence applied to self-reported and performance-based data.


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